Location: Nowy Sącz

Products: custom made

Description: A project in a 2000m2 residence. The client likes square and rectangular lamps, that is why we designed lamps in a similar style to every room. To break the monotony (since each lamp was made based on a similar principle) each of them has something different. Some of them have dagged little crystals or even forms, there are also square ingots mixed with dagged ones.
In the bathroom a special customized lamp on a rectangular plan has been fixed. The dimensions of the main lamp are: width 40 cm, length 60 cm, height 30 cm. The bracket lamps are 20 cm wide, 10 cm deep and 90 cm high. The lamps are chrome-plated and made in Austrian crystal.
The Client did not want the light bulbs to be visible. The lamps were ordered with a professional mounting – Stylistic Cristal mounts crystals in chandeliers in white gloves.

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