Produkty: custom made – lamp height 4 m and dimension 50 cm

Description: Private project made according to the design of Ms Dominika Rostocka. A crystal lamp made based on the designer’s sketch. The mounting of the lamp was crucial here – the chandelier was to be anchored like a bracket lamp, so that a chain with a cable would not be visible and would not stand out against the white wall. The element was made according to the designer’s guidelines.

The lamp appeared in Weranda magazine, in the issue 2 (182) from February 2018 in the article the interior of the year.

The chandelier with an unusual mounting can be seen on the page 52 of this issue of Weranda. You can find the article with the whole beautiful interior below.

Piękny żyrandol z nietypowym mocowaniem we wnętrzu roku według magazynu Weranda luty 2018

Zdjęcia z montażu

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