Location: Pionki

Products: custom made

Description: Custom-made lamps. The main assumption of the project was to match the lamps perfectly to the height of the rooms. In the lounge room a chandelier of Plafon type was installed with 75 cm diameter in the golden color with ball crystals. In the other part of the lounge room a lamp corresponding to the Plafon lamp was designed. It had to fill the room, so it was not mounted right by the ceiling. In the kids room a modernized crystal lamp was designed. Its main elements – balls – correspond to the lamps in other rooms. In the room on the first floor a square chandelier was fixed as well as a ball chandelier 20 cm high (because of the small height of the room) and sizes 75 x 75 cm. In the kitchen in the attic, over the kitchen island, a rectangular lamp was mounted which style corresponds to the remaining lamps in the house. Its width is 40 cm and length 1 m.

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