Location: hotel Jakub Sobieski Oława

Products: custom made

Description: The hotel Jakub Sobieski is a gorgeous object located in the very heart of Oława. This gracefully renovated object required unique lighting. The lamps that were used in this project are not included in our catalogue – the chandeliers were especially designed and made for the hotel Jakub Sobieski. Our Client had precise expectations as to the lighting. We designed the chandelier so that they would fit perfectly into hotel rooms and satisfy all the client’s expectations. You can see the effect of our work in the gallery below. A very high hall was equipped with crystal chandeliers Maria Teresa with 140 cm diameter (the closest corresponding model is the lamp Maria Teresa 28). In the corridor we hung the non-standard model MT/18, also from the collection Maria Teresa. The spacious hallway is illuminated by a beautiful Spirala type lamp which is 2 m long.

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