Location: Radom

Products: a custom crystal lamp made from ingots with 90 cm diameter, square lamps sized 100 cm x 100 cm, Interio type, with the use of jagged, irregular crystal.

Description: The lamps made consist modern lighting in the Interio style. Due to the character of the foyer, the modern form of the lamp was combined with a classic ring in the color of old gold (patina). What is interesting, the heart of the lamp was made in chrome which gives the lamp additional luster.

The lamps were ordered in the second week of December. They were to be ready for a performance which had its premiere on the New Year’s Eve. Due to the holiday break the task was almost impossible to accomplish. One lamp requires about 12000 crystals, that have to be joined and hung on the lamp. The last lamp was assembled on 29th December around 11 PM. The whole reached the theater on 30.12. The installation of the lamps was performed simultaneously with setting up the tables and New Year’s Eve decorations. The last lamp was hung on 31.12. The performance was successful, and our company proved for another time that it can rise to the challenge.

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