Location: Sulisław

Description: In the ballroom a plafond with 180 cm diameter and 110 cm height was hung. A standard ring 40 mm – from Italian crystal. The plafond consists of three segments and it was finished with crystals. The whole is completed by bracket lamps according to a special project of the owner of the facility. The bracket lamp is 140 cm high and 60 cm wide.
One should pay attention to the characteristic finial of the top of the bracket lamp consisting of 3 decreasing rings. The bracket lamp has got a mirror reflecting the light. To make the bracket lamp Austrian crystal was used.
In the main corridor lamps of Paris/60 type were hang with 70 cm height and 60 cm diameter. Galvanized brass with luster and Italian crystal. These chandeliers consist of two rows and they were finished with a plate, which is a very rare solution. In the corridors in the hotel part plafonds with 40 cm diameter and 20 cm height were installed.

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