Location: Słupsk

Description: The lamps due to its complex structure had to be delivered two the client in one piece. To that end a specially prepared truck was rented. On the spot it turned out that the lamp would not pass through the door and the window recess that could have fit it was glazed on that day. The difference was considerable, since the front door was about 1.7 meters high and the lamp was over 2.7 m high. There was no time to disassemble the lamp on the spot – there was a wedding party on the following day and the time pressure was enormous. Desperate, we came up with an idea to tie the lamp to the excavator bucket and draw it through the upper balcony. The whole operation could have been successful; however, it was raining heavily on that day and the watery ground did not provide appropriate stability. In order to squeeze the lamp through the door we had to use transport belts from the delivery truck and tighten the belts while loosening the bolts simultaneously. We were lucky on that day and the lamp was transported inside. It should be noticed that due to that operation none of the arms were damaged. The company Stylistic Cristal proved the reliability of their lamps yet another time.

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