Location: Radomsko

Products: custom lamps from the collections Plafon and Paris

Description: We make every effort so that our Clients could be satisfied with our lamps. We are very happy when they trust us and come back to us with a new commission. It happened so in the case of a new hall in Radomsko that also needed beautiful lighting. In the hall we used plafonds with a diameter:

  • the main plafond – 120 cm,
  • side plafonds – 70 cm,
  • smaller plafonds by the wall – 60 cm.

On this example we ca see how to illuminate the whole wedding hall evenly and how to select appropriate lamps so that they would not reshape the room.

In such halls the height of the room is very important. The space often defines our mood – it has to be designed in such a way that the people would feel at ease in it. The selection of lighting has to meet two conditions:

  • appearance – matching the style of the interior and our taste,
  • lamp utility – we should remember that lamps have to illuminate the room primarily.

One should also pay attention to a couple of mistakes made while selecting lamps:

  • the distance from the floor to the lamp is too small,
  • inadequate lamp diameter in relation to the size of the room.

In this case the optimal diameter is 120-150 cm, and it is difficult to find a lamp that is about 40 cm high to that diameter. A compromise can be found then – a lamp that is too small can be hung and it will “get lost” in the room, or a lamp that is too high can be placed and it can cause inconveniences in using the room.

In Stylistic Cristal we produce our lamps from scratch – we match them to a given room in such a way to be convenient to use and look beautiful. We encourage you to browse the gallery of our completed projects where we combined all these things successfully.

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