Our company activities include not only production of crystal lamps that are like jewelry for interiors. Every chandelier consists of numerous bigger or smaller crystals and it is them that give the glow to every lamp. Today we will tell you a bit about the types of crystals used in our lamps.

Jaki kryształ wybrać do swojego żyrandola?

Crystal types

In the production of our chandeliers we use two types of crystal:

  • Austrian crystal,
  • Italian crystal.

Austrian crystal

The difference between Austrian crystal and Italian crystal is that the first contains more lead. The lead contained in the crystal gives it perfect lucency. Austrian crystal has got sharper cuts thanks to which the light refracts better and casts beautiful, shining reflections.

Austrian crystal’s properties:

  • lead content 30 %
  • perfect cut
  • amazing lucency

Italian crystal

Italian crystal contains less lead, that is why it has lesser lucency. Such crystal has also softer cuts which refract the light with a lesser illuminating effect.

Italian crystal’s properties:

  • lead content 24 %
  • softer cut
  • lower lucency

How to choose the crystal for your chandelier

For smaller rooms we recommend chandeliers with Italian crystal. This crystal is glossier, thanks to which it will illuminate beautifully and emphasize the significance of even the smallest room.

On the other hand, Italian crystal is good for bigger rooms, where the size of the chandelier is a priority and the quality of the crystal is of secondary importance. Italian crystal will be perfect for wedding halls or sacral objects.


On the left there is a lamp of Plafon type with Austrian crystals and on the right a Plafon lamp with Italian crystal.

Klasyczny żyrandol kryształowy typu Plafon 100 classic - Wysokość 40 cm, Średnica 100 cm, kryształ austriacki, 24k złoto
Klasyczny żyrandol kryształowy typu Plafon 160 classic - Wysokość 55 cm, Średnica 160 cm, kryształ włoski, mosiądz

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