Once we have already chosen the size, shape and color of our dream lamp, another issue appears – what light bulbs we should buy to make our lamp look the best?

In the market we will find a vast choice of light sources, that is why it is good to think what light bulb will be placed in our chandelier. This problem may appear trivial at the first glance, since the lightbulb is an exchangeable element anyway. However, we should ask ourselves a question – would we want our chandelier to glisten beautifully? Would we want each of its crystals to look truly beautiful and the whole not to look like made of plastic? This is precisely why the choice of a light bulb for a crystal chandelier is so significant. This single little detail can spoil the whole effect or quite the contrary – bring out the whole beauty of our dream lamp.

Przykład źle dobranych żarówek - żarówki podświetlają jedynie sufit

Light sources for crystal lamps

Glass bulb

While choosing the light bulb to a chandelier, the most important thing is the color of the glass bulb itself. Here it has to be stated clearly – a light bulb in opal glass will cause the crystal chandelier to become opal and not glistening.

While choosing a light bulb for a crystal chandelier, we choose only transparent light bulbs.

Light bulb color

It is not hard to find light spectrum charts in the Internet, however what color we should choose when it comes to a chandelier light bulb?
This is actually an individual issue. Some people prefer yellow, so called warm light. Some people prefer neutral, so called white or day light.

The color of the light bulb is often given in Kelvins:

  • 2700-3000 K is a warm color which s pleasant for the eye. It matches flats since its light is mild. It matches mainly lamps in the golden color, in different shades of brass and in patina (old gold). It will also be good for interiors with warm colors.
  • 4000 K s a white or neutral color which is similar to the day light. It matches modern rooms in which white or grey dominate. This color will match chrome and nickel lamps with different shades of steel and silver.
  • Above 4000 K the light switches to the blue shade and main lamps look artificial in this color.

The color of light is subjective, and we should follow here our own taste since our mood depends on the kind of light.

Light bulb power

For our lamps we recommend 4W 488lm light bulbs (these parameters can differ slightly depending on the producer).

For big chandeliers, serving mainly as a decoration, we recommend 2W 260lm light bulbs.

Light bulb type

One of the most important parameters of a light bulb is definitely its energy saving. Currently while the LED technology develops so fast, the electricity use has been decreased by about 80% in comparison to traditional incandescent light bulb. Having analyzed all the light bulbs available in the market, we recommend LED Filament light bulbs which are indistinguishable from the classic light bulb. Thanks to them our crystal lamp will have an atemporal appearance.
The cost of electricity used by a 4W LED filament light bulb which will be switched on for 8h a day will amount to 8.11 PLN after a year of using.

Jak dobrać żarówki do żyrandoli kryształowych - LED filament c35
LED filament c35
Jak wybrać żarówki do lamp kryształowych - LED filament
LED filament

Light bulb shape

Due to the strongly decorative appearance of our crystal chandeliers it is important to have a consistent light bulb shape.

The shape of a bulb with a flame (F35) matches:

  • the series Maria Teresa,
  • external arms in the lamps Paris.

The classic shape (C35):

  • The series Paris from 50 cm diameter,
  • The series Plafon from 50 cm diameter,
  • Lamps of Spirala type.

The small ball light bulb (G35):

  • small lamps,
  • The series Plafon under 50 cm diameter,
  • The series Paris under 50 cm diameter.
Jak dobrać żarówki do żyrandola kryształowego - jaki kształt żarówki
Jak dobrać żarówki do żyrandola kryształowego - jaki kształt żarówki

Light bulb thread

It is very simple – in our light bulb sockets we use the E14 screw base. However, before setting off to a shop it is good to check what socket type was used in your lamp.

Additional guidance:

We should also mind that the chosen light bulb should not have flicker effect. It is a problem in cheap light bulbs of unknown companies. It is easy to be checked by recording a light bulb while it is switched on – these of low quality will flicker.

Cheap light bulbs sometimes have a problem to keep the color homogenous and when we place, e.g. 80 light bulbs in one lamp we can notice that some light bulbs have a different shade. This effect intensifies when the distance between the light bulbs is small.


In the market there are available high-quality crystal light bulbs that, when combined with a crystal lamp, create a real WOW effect.

Jak dobrać żarówki do żyrandola kryształowego - jaki kształt żarówki
Crystal light bulb for a crystal chandelier

Should you have a problem choosing the light bulbs to your chandelier, please contact us, we will do our best to help in choosing the most optimal solution for every interior.

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