In the first article from the series on production of custom chandeliers we told you a bit about the conception of such a lamp. We wrote why sometimes it is necessary to tailor the chandelier to make it look beautiful in the interior. Today we will touch upon another important issue, that is the price of such a lamp.

Individual crystal chandelier design – price

When talking with the client about a custom lamp or a lamp from the catalogue but with changes towards the standard, they ask about the price of such chandelier. This question is asked with a certain concern, since an individual project is associated with something that is also priced individually.

Such concerns are unwarranted. The price of a custom chandelier does not have to differ from a catalogue chandelier.

Since we are a chandelier manufacturer, we create each lamp from scratch. We do not have prepared lamps in the store. In our catalogue there are about 1000 lamps, so it would be hard to predict which one of them will be commended by the investor. Therefore, it does not matter whether we will commence the production of a lamp chosen from prepared proposals or such that would be designed from scratch. Changes in relation to the catalogue lamps consider among other the size, arrangement of crystal, lamp color or the amount of light points or their layout. As you can see, there are plenty of possibilities so it would be impossible to keep so many lamps in the store.

Each lamp is produced from scratch

We have to make both a chandelier from the catalogue and a custom one from scratch. While creating the project we calculate the amount of material and the amount time required to make the chandelier. Of course, there will be more work with more complex lamps, however, we would like to stress that there are no additional fees regarding customizing the lamp.

As you can see, you should not be worried that the price of a chandelier with alterations or a custom-made one will differ from the catalogue price. During the talk we will determine what chandelier will be appropriate for you, also in terms of matching the interior and afterwards we will calculate its cost from the amount of materials and time required for its production.

If you have any questions about chandeliers, please contact us, we will do our best to help in choosing the most optimal solution for every interior.

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