We deal with chandelier production and producing customized lamps has become our passion. Clients sometimes ask us whether a customized project is necessary, can’t we choose something from the catalogue. Today we answer that question and show how the first stage of creating a lamp that will satisfy our client’s expectations looks.

Today’s article begins a series of entries about the process of creating a custom lamp in our company. Starting from a talk with the client, through the project and production, ending on the transport and installation of our dream lamp.

Customized chandelier

From the very first phone talk with our client we try to tell what his needs in the aspect of lighting are. Asking simple questions, we try to gather as many information as possible about the interior were the chandelier or plafond is to be installed.

During this short conversation, we determine whether the client will need a light fitting that we are able to choose from our offer or whether we will need to design a new lamp tailored to the client’s needs.

Selecting a suitable lamp

Our offer includes about 1000 designs of crystal chandeliers and brass lamps. Clients ask us whether it is really so difficult to select a lamp matching their interior from such a rich offer.

Our experience shows that to select an ideal lamp, sometimes you have to create it from scratch. Each interior is different. Each investment has got different priorities. Having unusual interior dimensions, an entresol in the lounge room or, e.g. seven-meter ballroom, it is difficult to select a lamp from the catalogue or a project designed for another room.

Of course it is possible to adapt a prepared lamp, however, we have to compromise then. The easiest way is to show it on an example: a lamp which diameter matches the lounge room with an entresol will be too low for the rest of the room. Therefore, different problems may appear. If we hang it too high, the lamp will not be exposed. But then again, if we hang it too low, we will be able to see from the entresol only the chain with the cable, not the beautiful lamp itself. Additionally, a problem with even illumination of the upper as well as the lower part of the room will appear. Not many people are aware that such lamps are designed to be admired from below. So, what will we and our guests admire on the entresol?

On this example we can see clearly how important it is to match a chandelier adequately to a given room. We can only draw up the lamp accordingly factoring in the whole interior and tailoring it in such a way that it could be admired from every level and satisfy all the client’s expectations.

Chandeliers are the interior’s jewelry

Each custom lamp becomes a unique and inimitable product. You can be certain that the interior embellished by such a chandelier will be special.

Our Clients often worry if such a lamp will be considerably more expensive thana catalogue lamp. All the doubts about this issue will be resolved by the article on the price of a custom-made chandelier.

Stylistic Cristal’s moto “Chandeliers are the interior’s jewelry” – reflects perfectly our approach to chandeliers.
Every woman that likes jewelry will feel special being aware that it was designed especially for her. Such jewelry is unique and becomes even more precious to us. It is also a value that is not convertible to money. It is also the case with custom-made lamps. A custom lamp will not only fit perfectly into our interior but also please the eye. It will be simply special.

If you have any questions about chandeliers, please contact us, we will do our best to help in choosing the most optimal solution for every interior.

Thank you for your interest. We invite you to cooperate with us*

*the most beautiful lamp is still ahead

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