This is the last part of our series on chandelier production. We have already told you about the beginning of production, that is the inspiration and design, as well as the next stage, that is the very lamp production. We have also cleared up many doubts concerning the price of a custom-made chandelier. Today we will touch upon another important issue – the transport and installation of the lamp at the target site.

How should a crystal chandelier be transported?

We are perfectly aware that transporting such huge chandeliers can be problematic. That is why our company provides full logistics of our lamps. We transport our lamps to the target site in such a way that they do not get damaged.

Części lampy przygotowywane do transportu
Części lampy przygotowywane do transportu

Big lamps are often transported in parts. It is done mainly because of the capacity of the car and for fear that they might get damaged during the transport. Sometimes the lamps are transported in several elements due to the restrictions of the investment – for instance the entrance to the hall is too small. In such cases we transport and carry the chandelier up in parts and we assemble it on the spot, in the particular room.

Jak transportujemy nasz żyrandole kryształowe?

How a crystal chandelier should be installed?

The final stage of chandelier production is its installation at the client’s. We are often involved in that. Due to many years of experience, our clients choose us for final installation of the lighting.

Montaż lampy kryształowej
Montaż żyrandola kryształowego
Montaż żyrandola kryształowego w białych rękawiczkach

What is the difference between us and an electric company that would also hang and connect the lamp? Our team checks minutely every element of the chandelier after installing it. Sometimes we spend several ours setting the crystals properly and rubbing up possible fingerprints left while installing the chandelier. The final result has to be at the highest level.

Montaż żyrandola kryształowego

Every lamp brings us satisfaction from a successfully completed project. We are proud of our beautiful chandeliers and we are glad about every satisfied client that can admire the results of our work every day in this house.

Żyrandol kryształowy typu Spirala już w miejscu docelowym
Kolejna udana realizacja - piękny kryształowy żyrandol o imponujących gabarytach

If you have any questions about chandeliers, please contact us, we will do our best to help in choosing the most optimal solution for every interior.

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