After browsing inspirations, creating an initial, and later proper design of the dream lamp, it is time for the following phase – chandelier production.

Stylistic Cristal is a crystal lamp manufacturer which means that we do not assemble them from ready elements. All the elements together with the basic structure are manufactured by us in our workshop.

How chandeliers are produced?

After accepting the project, we pick the raw materials necessary to create a new lamp. We order the components that we need to create the structure in a steel mill.

Jak produkowane są lampy kryształowe

After selecting appropriate materials, we begin the work. All structural elements are made in our firm. A long process of giving appropriate shapes to the individual components of the lamp takes place. All the works have to be done with an appropriate attention to the detail.

Producent lamp mosiężnych i kryształowych

When the components are shaped properly it is time to adjust the individual elements. At this stage final corrections in the structure are made.

Jak produkowane są lampy kryształowe
Jak produkowane są lampy kryształowe
Producent lamp kryształowych
Jak produkowane są lampy kryształowe - producent żyrandoli
Jak produkuje się są lampy i żyrandole kryształowe
Jak produkuje się są lampy i żyrandole kryształowe

Crystal in the chandelier

Parallelly to the works with the lamp structure, we piece together and join the crystal. It is also a labor-consuming and responsible work where no mistake can be made. Proper precision is crucial in fastening up several thousands of elements to create the ideal form of a newly designed lamp.

Żyrandol kryształowy - produkcja i składanie kryształów

At this stage each crystal goes through quality verification. It is not possible to have a crystal in our lamp that did not go through the hands of our worker. The crystal in our lamps is one of the most important elements. While judging a crystal lamp, we always judge the crystal. The accuracy of composition, glow and way of installation always have to be exemplary.

Żyrandol kryształowy - produkcja i składanie kryształów

When thousands of crystals are joined, they have to be fitted to the lamp where they will hang finally. At this stage we introduce necessary corrections to get the perfect end result. We are perfectly aware that the beauty is in the detail and we try to treat the smallest details with the same care as we treat the whole project.

Crystal fitting takes place in very project. Sometimes huge projects require even more engagement. Sometimes the lamp does not fit in our workroom and we have to do the fitting at the client’s or, when the weather allows, we build constructions on which we can hang oversized lamps and make appropriate corrections.

Żyrandol spirala produkcja
Żyrnadol kryształowy produkcja kryształu

Crystal chandelier production

Each lamp is made from matching elements. They are assembled first before the lamp is sent to galvanization. When it comes back, all the elements are assembled for another time. Each of these stages involves quality control. In case of spotting any defects in galvanization at any of the stages, the lamp is dismantled and the elements that have defects are remade.

No mistakes nor defects can be accepted here Every lam made by us is created in such a way that it satisfies the client’s requirements. Stylistic Cristal is aware that it often makes the client’s dreams come true, that is why we do our best to polish our lamps in every detail.

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