In many cases it is necessary to design an individual chandelier so that it would match the room perfectly and look beautiful. In the previous article we have already written about how you should choose a chandelier made according to a project. Our clients often have their own vision of their dream lamp, and we help make these dreams come true. Today we will discuss the first steps in crystal chandelier production, that is searching for inspiration and designing the lamp.

Step One – inspiration

The first phase while designing a chandelier is clearly preparing the idea of how the lamp should look like. It is often just a concept drawing made by the client. The drawing mainly reflects the style that our client likes. Sometimes the inspiration to create such drawing is a photo from an interior design magazine or a picture of an interior found in the Internet.

The initial concept can also be an interior visualization made in a professional design office.

In this phase we give rein to our imagination, we look for inspiration and make ideas. Now every idea is good, we still have time to polish the project.

Afterwards we determine the initial dimensions. Slowly a more detailed shape of the lamp starts to appear.

The concept design of a lamp often includes many guidelines – the place in which the chandelier is to be hung, the height of the room, style and color scheme of the interior and accessories, individual taste of the client, etc. It often happens so that the client likes a specific lamp from the catalogue, or a picture found on the Internet, but it requires certain improvements. Now it is time to discuss all these things and create a drawing that fully satisfies the client.

Rysunek koncepcyjny żyrandola kryształowego
The concept design of a lamp

Where should I look for inspirations for creating a dream chandelier?

Interior design magazines are a collection of various inspiring interiors. The Internet is also a priceless source of inspiration. We encourage you to look for beautiful interiors in various styles on Instagram, Pinterest or Homebook.

While creating the initial conception of the chandelier it can also be beneficial to visit a professional design office.

What chandelier should I choose?

If the client finds it problematic to choose the lighting or determine the style of lamps that would match their interior the best, there is a possibility of meeting our counselors at the investment site. During the meeting we can initially determine the shape and style of the lamp. After quick measuring we can also state the optimal dimensions of the chandelier. During the visit at the site we also determine the way of installation. It is of great importance for the investor, since he also has to factor in the following exploitation of the lamp (replacing the light bulbs or cleaning the chandelier).

Wizyta na inwestycji przed zaprojektowaniem lampy dopasowanej do wnętrza
Żyrandol kryształowy wykonany według indywidualnego projektu

Step Two – Design

The following step in producing a dream chandelier is creating a sketch of the previously drawn lamp, however, this time in an appropriate scale. At this stage we specify the final shape. We determine the diameter and height of the light fitting exactly, according to the proportions.

In addition, at this stage we initially distribute the light sources. All changes in the design are strictly connected with the client’s expectations, however, basing on our experience we always supervise the project so that the final effect would be accordant with the art of creating chandeliers.

Projekt żyrandola kryształowego w skali

We also encourage you to read out article about the cost of custom crystal chandelier.

The chandelier design created in this way, after agreeing on all the details with the client, is moved to the production phase. You will be able to read about the production of our chandeliers in the next article.

If you have any questions about chandeliers, please contact us, we will do our best to help in choosing the most optimal solution for every interior.

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