Stylistic Cristal activities involve not only production but also lamp transport and installation. Our Clients often have a problem with selecting the type of chandelier anchoring. They are not sure what length of chain, and consequently height of the lamp would match their interior. Thanks to many years of our experience we can help you in choosing proper mounting of the lamp. In today’s article we will show on examples how the chandelier Maria Teresa is mounted.

How the chandelier Maria Teresa is mounted

Chandeliers from the collection Maria Teresa are mounted to the ceiling with the help of a chain. Its length should be dependent on the size and intended use of a room. You should remember that the total length of a chandelier is the length of lamp + the length of chain.

How match the length of the chain lamp

Standardly the lamps Maria Teresa have hot a 50 cm long chain, which can be shortened so that the lamps fit nicely into the room.

Żyrandole Maria Teresa ze standardową długością łańcucha - 50 cm

When we plan to shorten the chain because of the height of the room, it is good to resign from upper light bulbs so that they would not illuminate the very ceiling.

Lampa Maria Teresa 12 mocowana na łańcuchu

Over the table in the dining room it is good to hang a lamp on a longer chain, so that it would illuminate the whole table nicely. In such a layout no one will pass under the chandelier, therefore there is no possibility of bumping onto it with e.g. the head.

Żyrandol Maria Teresa 18 nad stołem w jadalni

As you can see, in some situations the standard length of the chain is not sufficient. Of course, there is a possibility of ordering a lamp with a longer or shorter chain. However, we have to know about this change beforehand, so that a cable of an appropriate length could be installed.

We should also remember that is not recommended to fix the lamps Maria Teresa without a chain, on the sole ceiling lining. The light bulbs in this case would be too close to the ceiling, which will give an unattractive result. For very low rooms we recommend lamps of the Plafon type.

Montaż lampy Maria Teresa - długość łańcucha

The height of the lamp Maria Teresa

The total height of the chandelier Maria Teresa is the height of the sole lamp + the height of the chain, as it was presented in the pictures below.

We should remember it while choosing a perfect lamp for our interior.

Rysunek żyrandola Maria Teresa - wysokość lampy
Rysunek żyrandola Maria Teresa - wysokość lampy wraz z łańcuchem

While ordering a chandelier from the series Maria Teresa, after choosing the size of the lamp, we also ask to state the type of crystal (Austrian or Italian) and the color of galvanization, that is lustrous brass, chrome or nickel. You will be able to read about the selection of these parameters on our blog soon.

If you have any questions about chandeliers, please contact us, we will do our best to help in choosing the most optimal solution for every interior.

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